With a song in my heart.....

So it's nearly time for Magpie Monday over at the blog of Me and My Shadow again, and it seems I'm always either early or not there at all! So this week I'm here at the party and early too.

And what a party it is! This week's Magpie Monday find was gained completely free via the amazing Freecycle Network. I'm not often lucky enough to get the things that are offered that I really want but this week, well just look

The young among you will think it's a suitcase, in fact the older amongst you may also think that unless you had one of these retro delights.

Once opened all is revealed!
Yes! It is a record player! A tiny and gorgeous portable player of musical discs! And it works perfectly!

Cue hours of sifting through a terrible and embarassing collection of 45s ranging from old Chuck Berry's, original Elvis tunes (are you lonesome?) and onto the 1970s and 1980s with Roxy Music, City Boy,Scritti Politti and even some George Michael!

I have had a very enjoyable musical afternoon, listening to 'proper' music, complete with hum, clicks, scratches and glowing diodes.

I am old, nostalgic and very happy. What a super magpie find. 

Do you still have any records? Want to come round and dance in my bedroom?
Written for Magpie Monday  Me and My Shadow