The darkness beyond

I'm not the only one musing on the internet. I'm not the only one that posts stuff online. You all know that, you blog or you read blogs everyday, when you find a good one you star it or share it or follow it.

But do any blogs follow you?

I don't mean follow your blog, I mean follow you. Like stalk. Watch you, wait for you to move and be there, at your destination before you?

Are you alone while you blog, or is someone watching, over your shoulder. Biding their time.

I stumbled onto a blog a while ago and I'm hooked. I like to think it's safe to read, but sometimes I'm not so sure. Sometimes the thrill of a scary story seems just a little too close.

Do Vampires exist? If they do do they sparkle?

I doubt it, I expect they prowl silently at night, on rain slick streets, like tigers in a damp jungle, sniffing the city air...waiting.

If I knew there were real vampires would I be happy or scared? Is fear only fun when it's far away. Is danger glamorous, like my padding tiger in the dark.

Twitter seems a safe place to be. Or a blog. But how safe is safe?

Enjoy a scary story? (nothing like Twilight - trust me!)  Check out this blog. But don't say I didn't warn you.

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