complexity is killing me

and I quote

"Your password needs to meet a COMPLEXITY rule for security reasons. The following conditions must be met for your password to be valid:
Your password must NOT include your username. It should contain a mix of THREE out of the FOUR following character types:

  • uppercase letters (A-Z)
  • lowercase letters (a-z)
  • numbers (0-9)
  • symbols (!"£$%^&*)
It must be 8 or more characters long
To avoid password reuse you will not be able to use any of your FOUR previous passwords
You must not use SPACES or commas (,) "


  1. Sorry but as a programmer and IT professional I totally agree with these rules, yes they are annoying and yes I have cursed them before.

    So long as they have a sensible timeout (say 1 month) its fine, but information theft and security is an issue to be taken seriously, on the technical (rather than operational side) of IT this has been understood for sometime but operations usually vetoed it under pressure from the business, today with so much of a companies infrastructure and IP being held digitally is it any wonder people want secure passwords rather than puppy1 ?

    The next problem is going round desks removing post-its with passwords on stuck to monitors (something a previous company of mine used to do as a matter of routine).

    passwords can always be reset if you forget write it down by all means but not in a public place where it defeats the object.

  2. the main issue is that I have about 30 passwords to remember, all going 'out of date' at different times, so obviously I write them down....

    and as to security questions? I lie! because everyone knows my kids names, my schools, my pets etc etc

  3. and of course I agree with the rules - I'm an IT Manager LOL

  4. T@tt003d_Mumm7

    I usually just replace letters with numbers and/or symbols and start with a capital. :-D

  5. The problem I have in work is when you think you have one it comes back with "this is a word -please use a non word!!"

  6. Arghhh back...I cannot remember the new ones that I have had to use because I had forgotten the last new ones...and so on...;0S

  7. ok, really simple way to generate a 'good' password - come up with a meaningful phrase - like maybe it's a tuesday, and it's raining, so we'll have rainy tuesday.

    Then take the first three letters from each word and stick them together - so we have raitue

    no real words, no reapeating letters.

    If you also have upper/lowercase and numbers rule, you can shove in the date (less personalising than your birthday etc) or the number of where in the alphabet the letters begining your two words are - so in this case, R and T which are 18 and 20. Take which ever digits you like - I'm going to have 8 and 2.

    I'm going to put half of it into uppercase too.

    So there you have it - RAItue82

    fullfills all the criteria and I have a stab at remembering it.

    (I worked for the NHS, comp related, had similar problems with having masses of passwords all going out of date at diff. times... i feel your pain!)

  8. Mamacrow this is exactly what i do :)

  9. PS Krystan - going round removing post it notes from monitors that have passwords allover - yup, been there! I worked in electronic patient records, and it was a full time battle to impress the importance of passwords in upholding CONFIDENTIALITY


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