do you know what makes my blood boil?

A while ago I was tagged for a grumpy meme (thanks lovely)

It got me thinking, I’m becoming an increasingly grumpy old woman, whilst also being more laid back, which is an odd combination. I find my self wildly annoyed often at tiny things but do nothing about them (except tweet them! LOL), as a teen I would have done things, protested, commented and been generally annoying to all around. Did it change anything? Nope. So now I’m older, maybe wiser, maybe just dulled, and of course things that were black and white when I was a teen are shades of grey now. (and no, not talking hair….although…..)

I was very anti-abortion as a teen, marched to downing street, placards etc etc the whole works. The thought of someone killing a baby because it was ‘inconvenient’ made me intensely angry, any abortion seemed wrong. As a mum I’m still against it ‘on demand’ but the shades of grey have crept in, I’m not rabid about it, I still see it as wrong, but I know others think differently and that is for them, their conscience, their soul to decide, and situations are all so very different, so I no longer protest, or even talk about it much….anyway……ahem………where was I? oh yes things that make me grumpy. (rambling on blogs - bloody annoying that!)

I was asked for 7 things, now that makes me grumpy! Don’t you restrict me on my own blog you grumpy meme!! If I want to over-grump I bloomin’ well will, so without further ado, things that make me grumpy.

I have divided them into two groups.

Group One – Big things that will always make me grumpy.
This group includes (but this may not be a complete list)
People that don’t recycle
Bad Driving, especially aggressive driving and dangerous driving
Junk food being cheaper than healthy alternatives, especially in hospitals!
U2 especially Bono – he is a hypocritical twat, seeing him praised as a saint makes me feel sick. And he wears sunglasses indoors, prat.
Twitter being ‘down’ – this makes me down too.
'Teacup'  dogs - and any woman (or man) that regularly carries a dog in bag.
Facebook’s privacy settings (actually no longer fussed as I deleted my account there!)
People yelling, and worse, swearing, at small children, not just one quick yell but an ongoing, pointless and upsetting tirade.
Rainy weekends when I want to go camping
The phone ringing late at night
Men and remote controls – enough said
Knee jerk reactions by politicians and the public – someone shot? Ban guns! Fox bites a baby? Kill all foxes! Etc etc ad infinitum
Celebrities doing good works
Cheryl Cole (Woman of the year? My arse!)
Racists (they actually make me a lot more than grumpy)
Chavs (Yep I'm a snob - so sue me!) I can't really define a chav, but they are usually oddly easy to identify when you see one. If they are nice, they are not chavs.

Group Two – odd individual incidents that have riled me.
Seeing a mum give a toddler a full can of coke as a drink and then swearing at the poor kid when she spilled some of it
Someone in the car park that couldn’t decide where to park and drove slower than a snail on crutches while sometimes changing direction and not signaling at all
A Drama teacher that took my DDs one line in a play away from her because DD was sick one week of rehearsal, despite her learning her line and being great and everything.
Ryanair - for charging me excess baggage on a case that passed the weight checks in the UK and have nothing added to it on holiday – mysteriously it seems suitcases can also gain weight on holiday
People in foreign countries that speak badly of tourists in the local language when they think you can’t understand them
Twitter going haywire when I want to tweet about all the vital things I need to tweet about (like #bb11)
A trampoline that claimed it could be set up in 1 hour, thus raising DDs hopes (it took 2 evenings in real life!)
People that ask for things I offer on freecycle and then fail to turn up to collect the items, seems to be happening a lot lately.
Hubby telling me I don’t need bunting or solar lights for my tent and telling me to stop buying camping things.
My boss resigning. She is a lovely boss, I doubt I’ll ever have another one as lovely. This makes me sad and grumpy. How dare she leave to have a better life doing something else! What about ME!
People on twitter moaning about stuff others tweet (I’ve done it too! Bloody twitterscopes! They annoy me!) follow or don’t follow but shut up moaning. (note to self there!)

Gggrrrrr! Even typing this out has made me grumpy! I’m off for a coffee, and we better not be out of coffeemate, cos coffee with milk, that makes me raging!