Wendy's Law

not like megan's law this law is a law of awesomeness! brought to my attention, and subsequently named after Wendy a friend on Twitter

People are bullied, they are bullied as children and they are even bullied as adults. Much has been written on the subject of bullying(I don't feel the need to add to that here). I was bullied. many people were and are still bullied. This law is for YOU!

Wendy has pointed out the obvious - the bullies know that we are awesome! they pick only on the best person, they try to destroy us while we are young, because they know one day we will be so fabulous as to be INVINCIBLE!!!!!

So for all those being bullied - hang in there! Get some advice, and help from someplace great like Bullying.UK and realise that Wendy's Law applies to you - You are frickin' awesome!

In brief, Wendy's Law states - the more bullied you are, the more awesome you are!