Being Haunted

Ok, so like many people I donated to the fund for Haiti - and now I've done it again, the pictures and stories haunt me. So I'm giving what I can when I can. As I have already got a direct debit with World Vision I've been donating to them. But of course there are other charities collecting and coordinating in Haiti.

If you have donated, great; if you can't afford to, pray. If you 'just haven't got round to it yet' please do, Haiti will need help for YEARS to come to cope with this disaster. (Click the picture left to go to the Disasters Emergency Committee website and donate)

You can also Text “GIVE” to 70077 to give £5 to the DEC Haiti Earthquake Appeal. £5 goes to the DEC. You pay £5 plus the standard network SMS rate.

World Vision most concerned for Haiti’s separated children

World Vision continues to reach more families with life-saving aid, despite the logistical challenges still hampering Haiti’s quake-ravaged capital city. The agency’s staff in Haiti are increasingly concerned about the safety of children as they find more and more children separated from their parents. (click here for more from World Vision)

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  1. I think we've all been moved by the plight of Haiti, and as often happens when things are at their worst, it brings out the best in people. Most folk I know have pledged at least a tenner. If we all do that, that's a lot of good being done.


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