I tweet

a lot

all the time

and now I have to continue - I can't leave (at least not until after Friday) because I won a twitter competition!! Wowee I won #fancydressfriday (probably due to extreme cuteness of daughter and small dog to be fair) but I won! so now I have to judge on Friday!!

So here are the rules
Change your profile pic on Twitter on Friday to one of you in fancy dress. Tweet about it using the #fancydressfriday hash tag
At 10pm or there abouts (BST) I will judge the winner - the winner must then remain in fancy dress for the next week and then judge on the following Friday..... all clear?

and don't forget to either follow me (so I can follow back) or unprotect your tweets for the day if you are normally protected - or I can't find you in search.....

Go get your costumes!!

Orignally published 15/09/2009 - I don't think anyone still plays :-(

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  1. And the winner was http://twitter.com/dannynic dressed attractively as Death ;-)


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