Inappropriate Touching

now before you all say "Ooh love that" would you really? proper 'invade your space' inappropriate touching?

It came to my mind because in one week, two of my online friends were touched or had their children touched without permission.

Item one
Imagine, you are struggling with shopping, and a baby that you are hoisting into position in your sling, your dress is a little caught up (always happens) and you plan to get everything sorted, adjust your dress and get on with your day when....... a strange man grabs the dress, at the back, grazing his hand across your bum, and YANK, sorts it for you, ripping it in the process!

Item two
Imagine, you are in the store, your youngest is having a tantrum because you won't buy her sweets, you are just about to pay, you have your hands full, the child is now laying at your feet yelling, you ignore her for a moment so you can pay and sort the groceries when..........a stranger PICKS HER UP and hands her in your direction saying "is this your child?"!

Now to some, both of those occasions could be construed as 'trying to help' maybe they were, maybe they weren't but in both cases the women concerned were upset and then angry.

So, think, is inappropriate touching something you could be guilty of? here's an idea - use your mouth before your hands! (sounds like foreplay advice but stay with me)

When I was little I was told in shops to "look with your eyes, not with your hands" to avoid breaking things. As an adult I propose we try "help with your mouth, not with your hands" In other words ASK if the person needs help. They may be grateful, they may say 'no thanks'. But they won't be upset and angry.

Back to Item One - "do you need a hand with that?" "thanks but no, I do it all the time - I can manage, thanks for asking"

Item two - "Would you like me to help?" "Thanks you, could you just help with my groceries so I can comfort my child?"


Ask people

don't grab


  1. YES!!!

    And, thank you xx

  2. I think that any 'touching of child' without permission is a massive no-no. Even with friends kids or non immediate families kids, you still ask beforeyou pick them up. I think when a stranger does this it borders on seriously dodgy


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