A week is a long time in......

well in time really. last week I was verging on the obsessive where Twitter was concerned. So after the weekend I thought I'd try cold turkey..... you know what... I like it! even with out the cranberry sauce!

I miss a few of my twitter friends (but then again, too few to mention.... as the song cruelly goes - (and you know who you are!) so I'm closing my twitter account! hooray...watch this space as I get my life back..........

and if you miss me - email me or leave a comment here.

twugs (as they say)


  1. Oh know I didn't have enough time to sufficiently convince you how brilliant I am. I will just have to leave comments instead ;)

    P.S. I deleted the first comment because I hit post without checking spelling. I didn't think typos were going to be very convincing.

  2. Noooooo1oneeleven! Don't leave us!elevenone1

  3. I do have a twitter account still, a new one (thanks for missing me!) but am not really tweeting. It's actually quite refreshing, I've been reading books and watching life, even living a bit too.......

  4. PS the only reason I kept an account there at all was I couldn't bear for someone else to be 'me' on Twitter - what a weirdo I am


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