The photoshopping of youth

Yesterday Kellie over at Bigfashionista, wrote a post decrying the new trend for people to photoshop themselves before posting a 'selfie' on social media.

As you know I'm not big on selfies, but Kellie thinks that you should post what you like and if you feel fab why not let the world see too. Ok then.

Instagram brought filters back into the mainsteam for everyone to use a few years ago, we no longer assume a sunset was really quite that pink, or a lake that blue. We are used to seeing buliding rendered into 'HD' sharpened and contrast adjusted for dramatic effect.

Technology is constantly progressing and now you can buy an app (I'm sure you can buy many apps, other apps are available etc) called Perfect365 I assume that it is to let you know that even on an off day you can be perfect with a little photoshop magic.(for some before and after photos check Kellie's Blog) or look at what I did to myself ...

The app goes further than just adding a blue haze or a warm glow though. It allows anything from changing your eye colour to airbrushing your cheeks, removing wrinkles, bags under your eyes, filling in those badly plucked eyebrows...the list is endless, and after one or two clicks you can find yourself ...well...beautiful, if by beauty you think of a bland painted doll.

Kellie thinks, as do, I that this is unnecessary and slightly creepy.

But after playing for a while I realised that it is a great app and that every teen girl should have it on her phone!

Yes you read that correctly. I want girls to have this app, and here is why.
I want girls to see themselves in both states, before and after photoshop, with and without those spots and cracked lips. I want them to see that at the touch of a button they can look just like a movie star and then maybe they will realise that movie stars often look like movie stars at the touch of a button too. If a girl sees that she, on her own phone, for free, with no technical skills at all can create a Hollywood style 'perfect' image of her face, then maybe she will stop feeling that she isn't pretty, isn't good enough. An app that allows you to look like those you admire, while showing you that those very people might be using it too, puts you straight in at their level.

Being a teen is tough, being a teen girl feeling pressured to fit a certain mould must be awful and images in magazines enforcing your inferiority are just nasty. So I say hooray! Hooray for an app that shows you your secret beauty, that reminds you that everyone , even movie stars are rarely perfect with out help.

A reminder to young women - you are young, and you are beautiful!

A reminder to older women - you are older, you have life experience, you are also beautiful!

Oh and the app is also hilarious fun...I might have experimented with it on an Ed Sheeran picture...poor pretty Ed.


  1. Mother Mands4/3/15

    :D Ooh Ed looks gorgeous!
    I'm a big fan of photoshop and photo-manipulation, but to the extreme, for pure fantasy and pictures that are completely unrealistic (I have a to do list for when baby is born). I think its a bit disturbing when someone can't bring themselves to put a picture of themself up online without any alterations/'shopping. Though to be honest I find the whole, 'can't go out without make-up' brigade a bit odd too. So yeah I agree with you that at least girls can see how easy it is to 'shop' a photo and that pretty much applies to all celebrity photoshoots!

  2. Ed is looking hot.
    I'm going to say the same here as I said on Kellie's post; I wish that I wasn't attracted by this app, but I am. It plays on my insecurities and I really want it so I can make sure I look amazing in every photo.

  3. Tattooed Mummy4/3/15

    After much looking and comparing I can honestly say I prefer the real me. It helps that I look nice in that picture. .. well I like it. As Someone on Twitter said to me, the other me looks like a bit of an airhead 😉

  4. Dad says that in the airbrushed one you like Delia Smith!! I don't agree but do think you look better in real life.

  5. Yes, I read Kellie's post a few weeks ago. It was a bit frightening! The idea of messing with photos gets on my nerves a bit, because I'm a purist and enjoy photography. However, your point about teenagers having these apps is a cracking idea. It does instantly show you how celebs look the way they do. Yes, we may be inflicted with lots of scary photos, but if the psyche of teenage minds is preserved, then I'm all for that!