Botox - would you?

I’ve seen a few people online on Facebook or twitter extolling the amazing properties of Botox lately. I’m not going to moan on about how it’s made or what’s in it, or the dangers of untrained people administering it, I’m going to assume that’s all taken into account and dealt with.

What I really don’t understand is why. I get that it works, that it paralyses the muscles and so causes less wrinkles. But it paralyses the muscles and makes you less human. A lack of facial muscle contractions takes you one smooth (pun intended) step closer to Barbie doll plastic 'perfection'. The loss of expression seems so close to erasing a personality. The adverts even tell you how you need to start early because you need to stop any lines being created. I've looked at some before and after photos and I'm not sure I want to go from looking mildly grumpy to looking blankly surprised.

I like my lines. They show that I have history, experience, life, behind me. I’m not exactly the old ‘wise woman’ of days of yore, but I do feel comfortable in my ‘lived in ‘skin’. This week I tried some new makeup (I don't 'do' makeup) and I was surprised and mildly freaked out by the weird 'airbrushed' effect it gave me. I wore it for a day but I'm not sure I'd wear it again, maybe when I'm off out for an evening, because..I didn't look like me!

Staying fit and healthy is one thing as you get older, but trying to stay permanently young? I’m not a fan. I’d like to be the sort of person to say “you do what makes you happy! You go girl!” but I fear that it’s not a good thing to want to stay young looking forever, it’s the same old thing that women get told daily by all forms of media, we are only worth our looks. Our looks are what define us. Dress well, dress sexy, wear make up, look good, look young, look sexy…all of which is fine I guess…but not at the expense of “ugh you look old and are therefore ugly..and worthless”. Do men have this pressure too now? Do men get Botox?

What do you think? Would you love a course of Botox injections? Why?


  1. Laura6/2/15

    No. Like you I am not a fan. Why would you want to freeze your face? I do like my make up, but that can be washed away. Also collagen, why do people do that?!

  2. chickenruby10/2/15

    I've had botox and let me tell you NEVER, EVER, EVER AGAIN. The pain was unbearable, it felt like I was being stabbed with a screwdriver.
    My botox experience was due to chronic pain and the injections were done under a local at hospital into the neck muscles, after the first stabbing of the needle, i was put under and woke up several hours later in recovery. the effects of the botox were amazing and i was pain free for 4 months, but i've refused further sessions

  3. Hilary23/2/15

    No way. I had a client who used to have Botox and she used to have bruises all over her face after injections. She never looked any different to me but maybe I'm more interested in the person rather than the way they look! And why would you want to risk 'trout pout'!

  4. Pauleen Gosnold26/2/15

    Many people have the wrong impression of Botox due to tv stars and celebrities who have Botox and other procedures but all to the extreme, therefore people automatically assume that Botox gives you a frozen and expressionless face. I have dabbled in Botox, it is not a 'course of Botox' you only need the procedure done once and it will last for 3 to 6 months. I had mine done by a reputable fully qualified doctor who specialises in woman's health care, family planning and aesthetics. It was only mildly uncomfortable as its a tiny needle and a small amounts of solution. My face was not at all frozen from the injections or even expressionless, done correctly with small doses it just irons out those deeper lines and hopefully stops new ones developing. No one has noticed that I've had it done, not even my husband or children because using Botox correctly and gently, you can have a fresh face and I would like to think it keeps me looking fresh and natural.

  5. Pauleen Gosnold26/2/15

    Botox doesn't give you a trout pout, you would need fillers and collagen for that.