The Terrifying Girls' Trip of a Lifetime

Hollywood, LA, San Francisco, Trip of a Lifetime...

Maybe I'm bigging this up too much.

Having saved for over 5 years DD and I are leaving Mr TM to fend for himself while we jet off to California, grab our convertible and drive the Pacific Coast Highway into fun and fabulous adventure.

Well that's what happens in my head. In reality I'll most likely lose my luggage, miss the flight, find I booked the wrong car or the wrong hotel or or...

So that's how it is. I am both WILDLY EXCITED to be flying to LA in only a few weeks, to meet up (for a second time) with my online friend @MitziMimiMom. Excited to be eating in IHOP and TacoBell again (that may be DD actually - she's been pining for American food , I think she has forgotten how, after only 5 days there last time she begged "buy something with veg, I miss broccoli" LOL) We are excited for beer, and curly fries, for ice cream cake and American Football....

But also nervous of driving (first time I'll have driven in the States though I've been happily driving in the UK for 20-mumble mumble years) nervous of how to fill up with gas (I have the oddest fears, honestly - apparently in the US you pay first and this is freaking me out - how will I know how much fuel the car holds? How will I know what I need? What if the unleaded pump is not green (it's not) etc) What if there is snow on the high ground? I have no snow chains will I be arrested?? What if the satnav (GPS in American apparently!) I booked doesn't work? What if the maps I bought get lost or torn or wet...what if

But I'm defeating the nerves with planning. So far Trip Advisor has been my best mate. The reviews are hilarious. "This hotel lacks all basic essentials - there was no ice in the room" etc But having stayed at hotels I know what to really look for in a review (top tip on Trip Advisor is to read reviews from people that come from your country! We tend to share expectations!) So I haven't been totally put off by the odd one star review, (our first hotel has a 1 star review as the lady says her room was haunted! ace!) nor have I been totally swayed by the 5 stars... "I slept like a log" ok then...

I've booked hotels for most nights. I have planned a route. I've left bits in between to allow for my slow driving and unexpected stops to look at elephant seals and sea otters (sea mist permitting). I've planned days at Six Flags, at Disney, Whale watching, seeing Alcatraz. I've thought about museums, movie studios...but what have I forgotten?? Oh no...now I'm worrying again...

Checks passport dates for the 46th time, checks driving licence expiry, ticket etc

Do you plan for a trip? Do you worry? Or are you a relaxed traveller? I'd love to know!


  1. Hope it goes well. Ive always wanted to go to the states

  2. exciting times, hope you have a great time, I'm sure it will all go smoothly!
    I'm a total worrier like you, I panic about everything!

  3. I'm so laid back about travelling. Fiji cured me. I panicked so much about that, lost luggage, whether there'd be typhoons, being attacked by weird men, creepy crawlies - everything I worried about actually happened. We were in a massive hurricane, a strange man broke into my dorm in the middle of the night, there were cockroaches and worse everywhere including a rat the size of a small pony that lived in our kitchen.

    I survived that month and thrived really so I learnt to chill out about travelling coz even if it does go a bit tits up it will all sort out and you'll have great stories to tell.

    1. Oddly lots of the things I worry about have happened to me too! Missed plane, lost luggage, mugged at knifepoint....I think it's because I'll have.dd this time, the disasters happened when it was just me, now i have to be responsible, not just shrug and have a beer

  4. Glad you found our blog on buying fuel useful. We found American drivers less polite than those in the UK - do not expect them to let you change lanes (you have to force your way in) and they have never heard of flashing your headlights to indicate something.