Eating a zoo

Chatting on twitter about my tea, a zebra burger, led me to think of all the animals, birds and fish I'd ever eaten.

I often talk about "eating a zoo" and although being vegan is probably more common now, in the past zoophagy was a far more popular pastime. Groups of wealthy Victorian chaps sat around and munched on rhino, eland, elephant and bear.

In the UK now we happily eat pigs, sheep, cows and chickens but once past those people get oddly squeamish, 'oh no!' they squeal ' I couldn't eat a horse, I just couldn't' , but why? why couldn't we? Society has enforced within us 'rules' about what is, and what isn't, food; but our bodies are happy to override that and use the fuel we give it. I'm happily eating all sorts of interesting things...
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Here is a list of the animals I've eaten.(if I remember any more I'll pop back and add them)

Starting with the mammals...

  1. Cow
  2. Sheep
  3. Pig
  4. Buffalo (bison) (delicious)
  5. Water buffalo
  6. Rabbit (tender, lean)
  7. Deer
  8. Giraffe (similar to zebra, like mild beef)
  9. Zebra (not bad)
  10. Camel
  11. Llama (tasty)
  12. Chicken (tastes like chicken)
  13. Turkey
  14. Duck (not keen)
  15. Ostrich (yummy)
  16. Crocodile (not as exciting as I'd hoped, bland)
  17. Cod
  18. Haddock
  19. Salmon (don't like it)
  20. Plaice
  21. Anchovies/whitebait
  22. Sardines
  23. Tuna
  24. Swordfish
  25. Caviare (various types, liked the bright green and orange best, sea urchin I think)
  26. Trout (delicate, lovely)
  27. Pollack
  28. Monk fish
  29. Octopus
  30. Squid (excellent fried in batter)
  31. Crab
  32. Prawns
  33. Lobster (with chilli and spaghetti...one of my favourite meals)
  34. Mussels (lovely with garlic and chips)

Image credit: saddako / 123RF Stock Photo
I thought the list would be longer I admit.

I love animals so I feel a bit odd also enjoying eating them. But I have killed things (with my bare hands, don't ask), I'm not one of those "oh it's ok if it doesn't look like an animal" carnivores. I've eaten fish with eyes on...whole.

I shall continue to try and eat my zoo, though I'm avoiding carnivores as I've heard they taste bad. I shall draw the line at endangered species too, no panda sausages. But pretty much everything else is fair game (pun intended)

Next on my wish list, goat (preferably in a curry), kangaroo, some other birds maybe, quail, pigeon, goose?

(for those keen to join me, check with your local butcher, Lidl or ExoticMeats online)

How about you? Vegan, vegetarian, reluctant carnivore or keen zoo eater?

If you eat animals what's on your list? Any I need to try?


  1. OH has had goat curry and declares it marvellous. I was vegetarian for years before I started eating meat again though I mostly only eat chicken..... and the odd cow and (frequent) pig. I don't do lamb UNLESS it's in a kebab (and then who knows if it's lamb or not). And I've eaten horse, but unintentionally, in France, on a school holiday (I didn't notice). I have also eaten goose which distressed me until I realised I bloody hate geese because they're noisy, vicious buggers. And I've eaten buffalo, which was fantastic....*thinks* .... I am possibly the most failed vegetarian in the world :/

    1. Haha failed vege indeed, I must try goat curry!

  2. I ordered from exotic meats a few years ago. They used to do Jamaican chicken sausages with pineapple and other yum which were just amazing.

    As a result I've eaten Kudu, Impala, wild boar (very rich), crocodile, and a load of other stuff I wouldn't have otherwise. I love duck. It's yummy! Pretty sure I've eaten horse too... I do love Findus crispy pancakes. ;)

    1. I should try exotic mears online I think, and yes I think I've had boar sausages, I should add them to the list!

  3. Cow, sheep (lamb & mutton), pig, probably horse given the amounts in cheap burgers etc, chicken, turkey, possibly venison but can't be sure, chicken, duck, salmon, plaice, haddock, cod, tuna, prawns, shrimp, sardines, pollock, trout of various types, crab and squid.

    I'd like to try rabbit (despite keeping them) and horse (properly).... and I'm slightly curious what the Peruvians get out of eating Guinea Pigs because as the owner of 6, they never really look as if there's much to 'em!

    1. I imagine guinea pig would be like rabbit...tender, like the dark meat on a chicken


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