The one where everyone was surprised...

I am not a vegetarian.

I have been, for about a month, but it’s not for me. Fair do’s to those of you that are. I know many reasons why I should be a vegetarian, kindness to animals, saving the planet, health etc etc. But I am not one. My teeth and my gut as designed for an omnivore, I enjoy meat. I have killed animals with my bare hands (yes really) and I have visited slaughterhouses, and battery chicken sheds (yes really). I try to ensure my meat is as ethically sourced as possible, but I don’t do without it.

Just ask a chimp! Fruit and leaves are all very well but there is nothing like a freshly ripped apart colobus monkey, still twitching and bleeding, to really get the old saliva flowing! (I haven’t actually ever eaten colobus, just to keep things straight and true )

(Warning disturbing images)

Any way now you know the background.

This lunchtime I did the unforgiveable (and the predictable) and tweeted what I had for lunch. I had no idea it would provoke such a flurry (ha ha McFlurry?) of replies.

Here is the tweet

“had the vegetarian option at mcdonalds. i've never done that before”

Now the main reaction was surprise, not surprise that I’d chosen it (though given what you now know about me you may find that surprising) but surprise that McDonald’s even had a vege option.(I am based in the UK BTW – no idea if other countries have a similar menu)

For years I’ve visited the Wimpy bar and been a fan of the Spicy Bean Burger- first served in 1985 - (no where near as much fun as odering a Bender in a Bun though), and lots of other burger places have a vege burger option, either Quorn or bean based, so it was now my turn to be amazed, amazed that so many vegetarians seemed not to know of the option.

@fashionpony said “Is there a vegetarian option? Who knew”

@linedwards said “what's the veg option....?”

@thinkbabytweets said “there's a vegetarian option at mcdonalds?!?”

So a discussion ensued.

Now it may be that due to the way this junk food is cooked, no part of it (even the fries) is really ’vegetarian’; as there is mixing up of the products before, during and after cooking, but at least it’s a start. Maybe as consumers vegetarians should CHOOSE to eat at places that don’t seemt to cater well for them, demand what you want, show theses places that there is MONEY to be made from vegetarian consumers. Stop preaching (and no not specifically you dear reader, but pressure groups and the like) and start buying!!

And now, what was the Deli of the day actually like? Well it was bean based (not Quorn or Soya based) but very tasty. Crispy crumb coating covering a “spicy veggie patty made from a blend of chickpeas with coriander and cumin,” served in a bun with lettuce etc. It was really not bad, considering there was no colobus.

NB apparently the Vege option at McDonalds is “Not available in the Tyne Tees or Anglia regions.” I wonder why? Get in there and start asking!!


  1. Maybe it would be a waste of time in the Tyne Tees or Anglia regions?
    Big farming communities with no time to faff around with all that new fangled stuff or Bonny Lads wi nah time fa poncy fud!


  2. I don't really eat out whether Maccie D's or not but I do know what you mean! And no, I didn't know they did a veggie option either!

    There are good reasons to go veggie or vegan, but also there are some reasons not to, too (certain digestive problems can make meat a healthier option for a person, for example).

    Personally, I've often thought that it would be better if instead of being really preachy like some veg*ns are (and yes, some are, I've met them! In real life and on the internet!) it would be better to try and encourage people to just cut down on the amount of meat we eat generally (I do think we rely too much on meat as a population, at least here in the UK) and if possible (and it is not always affordable on a very low income, sadly - in fact, that's one of the main reasons I went veggie) to eat ethically farmed meat.

    I do find it a bit hypocritical when some veg*ns go on about the evils of killing animals for food, but will happily (for example) tuck into blueberries that have not only been flown half way across the world (high carbon footprint, anyone? How many species will climate change make extinct?) but also picked by humans in appalling conditions (it's not unknown for people to die as a result of this)... I just don't think anyone actually has the moral highground, to be honest, unless you're not only vegan but eating a diet based on seasonal (local) produce...

    (And I say all this as a vegetarian...)

  3. I attempted vegetarianism about 3 years ago. I gave it my all for a good 9-10 months. I wasn't a junk food veggie either. I carefully planned my meals to include non-animal sources of protein, iron and vitamins. Lots of seasonal veggies and fruits. The whole 9 yards.

    I became MAJORLY anemic despite my hurculean (sp?) efforts and one day could barely get out of bed.

    My first meat meal after being meatfree for so long was grass fed ny strip steak with brown rice and organic green beans. I swear I could feel the protein and iron coursing through my blood. I also felt a little.........like a cow.


    I guess the energy of the animal (because I had not ingested meat for so long) was especially strong.

    Anyway, I can totally understand the physical need for meat and I am like you....I eat humanely raised animals only.

  4. My husband was vegetarian for about 3 years, before we were married. That was until he went skiing with some friends, and the only thing on the menu that was suitable for vegetarians was cheese and tomato pizza. After 5 evenings of this he finally cracked. He's been back on the meat ever since.

  5. I've been a strict vegetarian for over ten years and I didn't know McDonalds did a veggie option. They used to do a kick-arse Quorn chicken burger thing with sweet chilli sauce, but after they stopped doing that they didn't have anything vegetarian aside from their chips/ice creams for a long time. Nice to know we're being catered to again!

    If you like your fast food bean burgers, Burger King does a spicy bean burger which is surprisingly good.

  6. My country of birth has no veggie options. You go to Burger King? You order a Whopper, no meat, and shove onion rings in. We really are lucky here.

    What'd you get? Veggie Deli sandwich? Wish I was eating one right now....