Fun pub games for the sober and drunk alike

I saw a fun thing online this week, in which an elaborate and brilliantly successful prank was played in a McDonalds. In case you missed it the story is here, to summarise, two lads noticed no Asians in any McDonalds adverts on the walls of a local McD's. They mocked up their own large poster and then (and this bit was amazing) used cunning and guile to put the poster up on a blank wall, and there it remained for at least 50 days (and counting). My hat is off to them, the prank was wonderful.

And this then led to other people on twitter talking about pranks they had played, such as putting photos of themselves in all the photo albums in a store (rather that photos of Jeff Goldblum which is obviously a superior choice).

This in turn led me to remember a game my friend and I used to play back in the late 80s and early 90s.

We started a silly monthly night out on the first Thursday of every month. There was probably a reason this started but it was rapidly lost in time and the celebration of "First Thursday" just continued. The rules were simple, it occurred only on the first Thursday of a month, we had to go out drinking straight from work, we would visit several pubs, and we didn't stay out past 9pm.

After a few months to spice up the fun we invented the First Thursday Game, in which each person had to buy an item from a charity shop (for less than a pound!) and then leave said item somewhere in a pub, cunningly positioned to match the decor, the object must be in plain sight (no hiding it behind things) and then the following month anyone who could see their item still in the pub claimed a point! There were of course no prizes just much laughter.

The sort of gems we left included an obviously school made metal work sculpture, an ashtray from Devon and a really cheap and nasty vase.

Extra points were gained by how cheap the item was, so a 30p item would beat a 99p item for example.

Some months we'd add a theme as well, such as 'souvenir items with places names on' (see the Devon ashtray) or 'something wooden' etc

Thinking about this simple game and the joy it brought made me think I should look at bringing it back, I wonder if it would still work?

I talked about it on twitter and a few people seem keen to give it a go. If you, (like Joy and Emma) plan to have a go - do let me know in the comments below. I'm just sad that back when I played, digital photography and phones were not common so I have no photographic evidence of our silliness.

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