Wordy Wednesday with a scary twist

Hello Wordy Wednesday lovers, I hope you didn't think I had abandoned you or that I no longer loved you as I haven't posted a bookish blog post for a while. It is laziness on my part and not a lack of love at all, and as it's Valentine's day, here is a book suggestion with all the twists and turns of a romantic affair. Yes love is a roller coaster and so is the theme of this Wednesday's read.

Due to be released March 1st, here is a sneak preview and delicious taster of a book you are sure to be tempted by.

Let me introduce you to C. L . Norton, self described grumpy author, writer of Season's End.

Today's author lives on the South Coast with 2 rescue kitties and a long suffering husband who tolerates her eccentricities in the hopes that one day he can retire on her writing income and game all day and night.

C.L is ratty, moody, hates mornings, but never sleeps past 5am. She lives mainly off of coffee, and tutors English for fun.

Her dream is to open an indie bookshop.

But what of this book?

Let's get down to the grilling, grab a chair, a biscuit and a cup of something hot and let us begin;
C. L. is your new book a thriller a mystery or a horror? 
I think labels are overrated, but I would say it is a horror in the Gothic tradition.

"Season's End is set in a typical seaside town where the tourists triple the population every summer. Only this year, there's something sinister going on. Ave is a teenager with a wealth of secrets, Scott is a 40-something with no responsibilities except his beloved funfair. Can they work together and defeat the power that comes with blood ties? With twists and turns, this incredible novel will leave you wanting more."

Can you judge a book by its cover? 
Covers are hugely important to readers, I have done research!  Apparently, faces are frowned upon.  .. my cover was created by KGHH Design which is part of Gore Publishing.

What does a writer eat for breakfast?
This morning I had Turkish Delight simply because I overslept and am barely awake.  Generally though, I eat coco pops or honey loops.

How many drafts did you write before this was ready for publication?
Loads!  I think that the final version was about draft ten or eleven.

Why should people read this book?
Because it is full of twists and turns. It's more than just a gore fest.  It has a heart to it too.  In fact, there is very little gore, as I mainly write more Gothic horror and so there are a fair amount of atmospheric moments.

What's the best roller coaster you've been on?
I took my nephew Craig to Thorpe Park when he was 14. I don't remember the name of the coaster, but I do remember going on it over and over again until Craig said he couldn't take it any more!  He went for a sit down and I went on it a few more times.

Are men or women characters easier for you to write? Do you have a preference?
I am happy writing characters of any gender whatsoever, however, my next book has a mainly female cast.

'Summer read' is a label bandied about a lot, what is your idea of a summer read?
A classic.  Something like Frankenstein or Jekyll and Hyde.

Season's End brings to mind the end of a summer season but is this book a good read at any particular time of year?
I think it would work pretty much all year round.  The book is set in the autumn/winter, but it would be a good choice for any season. Probably particularly suited to a miserable day, and we get lots of those throughout the year!

I love to read books set in locations I have visited. Do you only write about places you've been to? Or do you travel in your books?
I make places up.  There are a few true locations mentioned in the book, but the main of the action takes place in a completely made up seaside town.  I travel a lot, I appear at book signings throughout the UK, and so I am always picking out bits of places I go to that will come in handy for a new book.

In your opinion, is social media affecting our attention spans and is it spoiling our ability to read a whole book?
I don't think so.  I do think our schools are affecting our ability though.  I work with kids who don't read because they have outgrown the books in the school library, but they don't know where to go next, so they stop reading.  I have found that if you go to these young adults with a good book that is 'aimed at adult readers', their love of stories comes back.  We need to enhance school libraries with a range of books, including those aimed at adults.

Do you write on paper or a digital medium, I assume authors all use computers but is paper still a writers friend?
I am always being told about various packages that supposedly make writing easier, but I just stick with good old Word.  However, when the first draft is complete, I print it out and complete the developmental edit on paper.  I then type up the changes and do the same again.  I do recycle though!

What's the first thing you do with a new book (that you've written) when you receive your copy from the publisher?
I take a photo of it and stick it on instagram!  I then work out who I need to give copies to and send them out.

Well you will have to wait until March 1st to have a read but add it to your Goodreads To Be Read shelf and pop it on your wishlist at Amazon. I have a sneak preview digital copy on my kindle, just waiting for me to finish my current read (So many books, so little time)

Happy Valentine's day one and all and always give your love to a book.

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