Camp Bestival - is it too soon to be excited?

Call me an over excited child, but Camp Bestival is something that I've loved going to since our first visit in 2009. Some years are more exciting than others of course, for varying reasons, acts I like more, or fancy dress themes I prefer. And for 2018, for me at least, it's looking pretty amazing!

I've been nagging for a sea theme for a while. Loving the idea of mermaids in decorated festival trolleys, of transparent umbrellas turned into jellyfish, of sailor suits and bearded sea captains, and so I'm super excited about that.

Also 2018 will see the return of Jaguar Skills, who is totally fabulous and I just love him, last time he was at Camp Bestival I stayed up until the wee small hours to see him, and poor DD was forced to sleep in the trolley as she was so tired (excellent parenting I hope you'll agree), now that DD is 18 I assume she can either accompany me or do her own thing while I boogie the night away

DD is looking forward to Clean Bandit, The Cuban Brothers (I love them too), and of course Dick and Dom. I'm amazed to see that Rick Astley is on the bill! Along with all of my usual favourites, the inflatable church for lovely weddings, beard and moustache competition, fancy dress parade (see above) , the world's biggest bouncy castle, and the Insect Circus.

And so yes, I'm excited already! And this is just the early lineup! I'm planning fancy dress ideas (I even started a Pinterest board for that) and excited to be setting sail in 2018 on the good ship SS Camp Bestival, captained by Rob da Bank and his able first mate Josie (With her bar skills!)

You can join us (all aboard!) grab an early bird ticket here. Join me in a countdown until the happy day!

In 2018 DD and I will be official crew, blogging and sharing on social media in exchange for our passage on the high seas! See you there!

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