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When this dropped into my inbox I just knew I had to share, as a long term comic fan, (2000AD in the 80s and more recently Deadpool) I just loved these illustrations by Mark Hiblen.

Mark J Hiblen is a self-taught illustrator ( things like that just fill me with envy!) from a working-class background and a small, close knit family. His influences growing up were a love of 70's and 80's horror and pop culture.  Mark was given a boost when he was asked to create images of Vampires and Werewolves for an app on Facebook.

 Mark works mostly using an iPad and his finger. Previously his media had been pen and paper, watercolour, acrylics, and inks. However, two years ago, with the advancement in fluid design tech using touch screens, Mark decided to perfect freehand using just a finger and a screen.

Mark lives by the rule that no picture should take any longer than 2 hours! (amazing)

Mark’s childhood influences of horror films have remained with him throughout his artistic journey and he remains a fan.
Mark recounted that his dad would religiously buy him Spiderman and Planet of the Apes comics  every Sunday morning with his paper. This memory has stuck with him. Star Wars of course then appeared and like most young kids in the late 70's, Mark was hooked..

Mark has been lucky enough to have his work posted and shared by Slither/Super director James Gunn, who follows all of his latest projects and kindly used one of them to commemorate the first anniversary of the release of Guardians of the Galaxy.   The popularity of Mark’s work is growing, and it has also been shared by actors such as Zoe Saldana and Vin Diesel.

Most recently, success has come from Mark’s sketch which was created to say farewell to Star Wars actor Kenny Baker (R2-D2).

Another passion of Mark’s is a love of creating family cartoons and other illustrations upon request. Star Wars based commissions prove the most popular and when he isn’t drawing and creating, Mark enjoys spending time with his partner, daughter and crazy rescue dog Scout.

To find more out about Mark, check out his FB and Insta pages:

Thanks to Omni Search for sending me these images - https://omnisearch.uk/behind-illustrations-comic-book-artist/

Mark Hiblen Art on Facebook

Mark Hiblen on Instagram

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