My Wraps - Wearable Headphones Review

My daughter, like many teens, lives with her headphones in her ears, listening to the soundtrack of her life on her phone.

I am a more discerning listener, by which I mean I listen less frequently than she does. Because of this I'm forever forgetting my headphones or finding them tangled and/or broken and useless at the bottom of my bag. When I was sent a set of My Wraps headphones to review I realised I may have finally found the solution!

My Wraps are headphones designed to be worn around the wrist like a trendy bracelet. They come in various colours and even with wooden beads, but the brown suits my style perfectly, nestling comfortably alongside my wooden watch and other bracelets.

My Wraps wearable headphones round a peach

They look so good on that I actually wore them for 3 days before I tested them as headphones! They work fine as headphones of course, and I don't lose them and have not been able to tangle them either. They are my new favourite thing, never again will I be trapped on the bus unable to watch a hilarious Youtube clip because there at my wrist will be the answer to my needs! From now on - I'll be wearing my sound.
My Wraps wearable headphones in brown

They are really easy to put on, just wrapping around your wrist (even my skinny one) and then the jack slips into the silicone grip on the earphone end.

My Wraps start at £14.99  for the basic colours, but they are available in leather or beaded too. Perfect for men or women they are available in various colours to suit your mood or style.

They would make a perfect gift for the fashion conscious teen or the forgetful parent :-) Buy some for every outfit!

Specs for Classic Wraps…
Anti-Tangle Fabric
Includes S, M & L Silicon Tips
20Hz – 20kHz Frequency Response
10mm Dynamic Speakers
3.5mm Gold Plated Jack
80dB/1mW Sensitivity
16 Ohms Impedance

Disclosure - I was sent the wraps free of charge for the purposes of this unbiased review.

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