Giving yourself a bit of a VÖOST with vitamins

Having a teenager and being a working mum it can be easy to sometimes slip up in the 'balanced diet' stakes. Not very day but sometimes. And the media love to scare us daily with fears around missing our vegetables, getting rickets, scurvy, and the like. The latest scare is around not getting enough vitamin D because we use sunscreen! We really can't win can we!

Since DD was small we always supplemented her diet with vitamins just in case, I realise that if you have a proper balanced diet you don't need them, and that more is not any better than 'enough'; but as I said before, it's easy to find days slip by with no fruit and hardly any vegetables, and all that sunscreen....well..

As DD got older of course the vitamin requirements changed but also so did the tablets, away with the cute chewy jelly type and in with the hard 'swallow whole' sort that DD hated. So I was really thrilled to find VÖOST multivitamin and mineral effervescent tablets that make vitamin taking into a task as simple as a taking a drink (extra points for making the teen drink more) and I bought some to try. Imagine how keen I was to try the others in the range when asked! It turns out that VÖOST has a full range of vitamins and minerals, each with a different flavour and all easy to take in a drink.

VOOST vitamins and minerals

We have been trying out the various ones sent to us for free. And I think I shall be carrying on with the multivitamins and maybe the Vitamin C and D too. I'll let you know if I feel boosted when I've been taking them for a few weeks!

Designed exclusively for busy modern lifestyles, the VÖOST range is ideal for anyone who feels like they need a vitamin or mineral boost. Effortlessly slipping into demanding lives, they simply fizz away in a glass, turning plain water into a great-tasting, nutrient-packed drink. Created by experts who are passionate about health and wellbeing, the VÖOST range has proven to be a hit Down Under, selling over 3.5 million tubes since it launched there three years ago. Effervescent tablets really are one of the most effective ways for people to get a vitamin or mineral boost when they aren’t getting what they need from their diet alone, and it’s been widely reported that many Brits aren’t getting enough on a daily basis.

VÖOST’s extensive range is designed to meet the needs of each individual in order to help them live life to its fullest. The range boasts a Vitamin B Complex to help unlock energy from food, Vitamin C to help maintain a healthy immune system (because who has time to be ill?!), Magnesium to help maintain normal function of the muscles and nervous system, Vitamin D and Calcium + Vitamin D to help maintain healthy bones and teeth, and a Multivitamin, which contains RDAs of a whole host of vitamins. The vitamins and minerals also contain no added dairy, lactose or yeast, so are they are ideal for people on specialist diets or with dietary requirements. Available in Asda, Superdrug, Waitrose and Morrisons, VÖOST’s effervescent tablets are sure to put a fizz inyour step.

Find more info and the full rang at http://www.vitaminhaus.com.au/

Disclosure - I was sent 6 tubes a VOOST to try them for myself!

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