Camp Bestival 2016 - out of this world

camp bestival lulworth castle

I have been going to Camp Bestival with DD since 2010 when I first head about about it. Every years there are new things to surprise us. For several years the Dingly Dell was a quiet arty location but lately it has been full of excitement and fun and extreme tree climbing for example!

tree climbing

The lovely layout with fields of different types lends itself to discovery and for some reason we seem to spend most time in the same field for most of the festival, though the field we pick has varied by year! This year we spent a lot  of time in the main castle field, and in the lower kids field.

camp bestival kids field

A highlight for DD and for me too was Mr Motivator on the main stage, getting an entire field of adults and children alike, swinging our arms and leaping around to music. Dick and Dom were as chaotic as always with plenty of laughs for the children and innuendo for the adults, once again they made a small child cry on stage (which always makes DD and I feel bad when we giggle).

mr motivator on the camp bestival main stage

Fatboy Slim's set was a triumph and quite possibly my favourite act of the weekend.

fatboy slim at camp bestival

Though Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer and his 'chap hop' was certainly a contender for most fun set of the weekend.

This year the theme was Space and so our fancy dress Saturday costumes were R2D2 and a StormTrooper. The fancy dress costumes and buggy pimping just get better year after year and this year my Morphsuit costume, while wonderful, was put to shame by a real stormtrooper! and even Chewbacca on a rare day off.
stormtrooper drinking gin by a castle
Me as a Stormtrooper

starwars stormtrooper
An actual Stormtrooper
starwars chewbacca
The theme didn't put me off wearing my Deadpool Morphsuit though, and so one day was made more surreal as Deadpool met the Clangers, and Camp Bestival does do surreal very well, with giant spacemen too!
deadpool meets the clangers
deadpool and a giant spaceman

The food was great, plenty of simple choices for small children (and fussy teens!) and more fancy fayre in the  Feast Collective tent. 

As always the end of the festival was marked by an amazing firework display around and even on, the castle.

Some people have remarked that for 4 days it's an expensive festival. But I honestly think you get value for money. If you look at how much you would pay to go to a circus, watch several well known bands, see comedians, meet the Clangers, go to a movie (we watched Pete's Dragon, the new Disney movie 2 weeks before it's UK release date!!) as well as have a camping pitch I think you'll see you are getting a bargain.

cinema in a big top
Saturday Morning Pictures Camp Bestival Style - in the Big Top

Tickets for next year are already on sale! Why not take advantage of the payment plan and spread the cost over the year. (from as little as £5 a week)

sunset with bunting

giant spaceman by a castle

Disclosure : I was invited to attend the festival for free in exchange for promotional blog posts and an honest review, but in previous years I've been happy to pay!

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