Asda Cakes!

A quick blog post - DD and I just popped into Asda, she wanted to get a birthday card for a friend, and I needed cava (can you imagine, I ran out!) so after the initial horror of seeing empty cava shelves...

I was able to calm down enough to realise that there was other cava, 75p more than my usual but hey, I'm nothing if not posh, so I grabbed a bottle. The lady next to me in the wine aisle definitely sniggered as I exclaimed "No Cava! Don't they know who I am!!" anyway, we moved on to look for cards and found ourselves in the cake aisle.

asda animal cakes

Now DD and I stared in amazement, cakes have improved immensely since she was small! We nearly bought a cake for her even though it is months until her birthday. She caved in and bought a tiny cake for her friend, it is SO cute and only £3.50. I have bought Asda cakes before and they have always been nice, so while I won't get to try it I'm sure it will be good.

No one paid me to tell you all this by the way, I just felt you needed to know, the pug cake, the mini pug and even little pug cupcakes! So cute.

Never mind the gay joy of Unicorn and Rainbow cakes.

grumpy gay unicorn cake rainbow pinata

And...well I'll just leave this here, but suffice to say I misread it as a Vajazzle Cake.....

(sorry for the blurred phone photography)

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