A Fashion Haul (not really just some clothes I bought for DD)

In the Easter holidays we popped over to Brighton supposedly to buy a few things for DD for when she starts college in the autumn. Because of course she has nothing to wear. And all the other girls will have all the things (eye roll)

We went to a lot of shops but spent most of our my hard earned cash in Primark and H&M. I love Primark some days and hate it on others. It's a bit of a jumble sale and horrendously busy with little room to move, and there are queues to try things on and then more queues to pay, but the prices make it worth the wait.

Being old no longer a teen, I was swayed by DD's choices and we purchased several outfits, with things she can mix and match with stuff she already owns.

casual top and jogging bottoms
Joggers (£9.99 H&M) with casual top (£5.00 Primark)

loose jumper and denim jeans with rips
Loose knit jumper (£14.99 H&M) Boyfriend Rip Jeans (£29.99 H&M)
jacket and tight jeans
Tight Black Jeans (£12.00 Primark) Grey T shirt (£2.80 Primark) Fitted Cotton striped Jacket (£20.00 Primark)
Black Shorts (£10.00 Primark) and Vest Top (£4.00 )
Extra tight! Blue Jeans (£12.00 Primark) with Vest Top as before
blowing a kiss
What's that DD? A kiss? Thank you!
Model wears size 6

We also bought an extra pair of cheap black jeans to rip up at home - a DIY ripped jeans blog post will no doubt follow! I did manage to buy myself a new dress in Primark (£8) and several tops for work. The primark long sleeve tops are cheap but last really well and good on their own or under things, they are my must have staple for the wardrobe and they come in lots of colours.

striped fitted top
Do stripes make me look fat? (don't answer) (Primark 4.00)

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