The Fight Against Lurgies

Is Lurgy a real word? I don't know, but being British, having 'the lurgy' seems to be a common thing. The lurgy can vary from stomach bugs to colds but we all know it when we have it. Yuk. Feeling ill, infectious and generally 'grotty', when you live with other people you are shunned for fear that they will be next.

Gruesome tissues and your used cups will be avoided Like...well like the plague! Because no one wants to be next on the list to be struck down.

I suffered from the lurgy a week or so ago and serendipitously received a product to try at the same time. The product was NatraSan, a first aid and general cleaning spray made not of alcoholic gel, as many hand sanitisers are, but of water based hypochlorous acid. This acid is both strong against germs but mild on your skin, in fact your own skin makes it to protect you from the germy horrors that lurk...

Natrasan hypochlorous acid skin sanitiser

So NatraSan can be used as a hand sanitiser, wound cleaner, surface cleaner, even a food cleaner! I used it during my snotty time in bed to wipe down things I touched, to clean my hands, and to clean surfaces etc, and it seemed to work as Mr TM remained bug and lurgy free! (Lucky him - I was in bed for 4 days!)

The spray is also perfect for camping - I'll be taking some to festivals - great for hand cleaning without the drying or stinging associated with alcohol gels, safe for small children to use (even if they suck their hands while they are still wet with NatraSan), excellent to rinse out scrapes and grazes ,and perfect for a quick wipe down of a dropped apple...no rinsing needed.

Natrasan hypochlorous acid skin sanitiser

I was sceptical of the claims I admit - so I did a bit of research and sure enough it does work! The sanitising properties of hypocholrous acid have been known for some time, it was keeping it stable that was the problem and now that it is solved I can see it becoming more widely used. It's not cheap but I think the safety aspects, along with it's efficacy and the fact that small children can use it will make it a useful addition to your 'cleaning arsenal'.
Natrasan hypochlorous acid skin sanitiser first aid

Some facts:

Fact 1: This antiseptic, anti-viral and anti-fungal sanitising spray kills 99.9999% of germs, bacteria and viruses within seconds.
The active ingredient in NatraSan is hypochlorous acid, a very mild but powerful chemical produced by the human immune system to fight infection. Hypochlorous has evolved to kill microbes quickly - it oxidises germs, which means that it penetrates the outer layer of the germ cell and literally ‘blows it up’.

Fact 2: NatraSan is 300 times more effective than bleach but it is no more dangerous to human skin than water.
Because hypochlorous is a natural chemical that is produced by the human body it is safe to all human tissue, including young, old and sensitive skin, whilst causing almost instant death to germs. Rigorous laboratory tests have found it to be more effective than bleach for killing bacteria, with the added bonus of being natural and kind to skin.

NatraSan has been independently laboratory tested in UK laboratories and complies with British Standard/European Norm (BSEN) 1276 (bactericidal) BSEN 13697 (fungicidal) BSEN 14204 (virucidal) and BSEN 13704 (sporicidal).

NatraSan costs £10.00 for 250ml and £7.00 for 100ml - available at www.natrasanuk.com 

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary bottle of Natrasan for the purposes of this review.

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