Sherlock Drinking Game

A certain someone asked for a Sherlock Drinking game. This is an obvious necessity and I'm surprised I haven't done one already. So here we are. It is designed to be used with the modern BBC adaptation of Sherlock, but may well work with other versions.

It goes without saying that you should drink responsibly. Set yourself a limit and once you get there, stop! Maybe continue playing with chocolates or bacon sandwiches or doing a little dance for each drinking opportunity.

And so we begin:

  • Any one mentions Nicotine patches - one drink per patch
  • Sherlock fires a gun - one drink per shot
  • Watson Fires a gun - two drinks per shot
  • Anyone mentions Watson's blog - drink
  • Watson's love-life is mentioned - one drink
  • Sherlock's love-life is mentioned - two drinks
  • Any one hints at the 'boys' being a couple - drink
  • Sherlock turns his collar up - drink
  • Sherlock ruffles his hair - drink
  • Watson sighs - drink
  • Mrs Hudson moans about the mess - drink (two drinks if it's blood/body parts)
  • Sherlock receives a text message - drink
  • Anyone runs - drink

I think that should do it.

For the Victorian Christmas special (as many of those may not count) I shall add

  • Styled moustache and beard in a named character (we might die if I include extras) - drink
  • leaping from a moving cab - drink
  • Sherlock lights a pipe - drink
  • any cape twirling - drink
  • sword stick - drink
  • anyone punches Watson - drink (two if it's Sherlock that punches him)

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