Everything you've ever needed to know about Deadpool

I'm not  a rabid superhero fan. I like some of the comics and I've watched the odd movie, but they never grabbed me the way Judge Dredd and his ilk did. And then at the new Star Wars screening I saw the trailer for Deadpool. I was hooked. He's the super anti-hero I've been waiting for - why had I never heard of him before?
( You can watch the 'very unsafe for work and not for anyone of a squeamish disposition' here.)
Some people have said I haven't heard of him because the comics lack the humour of the movie, time will tell as I'm going to catch up with the comics before the movie comes out. Until then, here is a rather spiffing info graphic from those chaps at MorphCostumes (who make a simply dashing licenced Marvel version of the Deadpool outfit) so that we can all be up to date and not fail our nerd exam when the movie arrives on out screens on 10th February.

deadpool facts morphsuits morphsuit

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