Hotter Shoes - A review of my 'Hotter Moment'

I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening of a new Hotter Shoe store in Brighton last week. I had only recently heard of Hotter Shoes at a blogging event I attended in October, but I'm not sure how they had slipped my radar as they have been around since the days of selling shoes via the back pages of Woman's Realm!

And while that may conjure up the horror of 'granny sandals' and 'comfortable walking shoes' the new and enhanced Hotter Shoes manage to retain the comfort but also throw in a huge amount of sexy style at the same time!
Hotter shoes chelsea boots

Along with a group of other shoe mad women bloggers I was invited to try on the shoes, explore the ranges and watch a presentation about the history and manufacture of the shoes. It was refreshing to discover a manufacturer that still makes all their shoes in the UK, and with a long history of shoe making and a passion for healthy feet it was hard to fault them! (so I didn't) . The soles of the shoes rely on lots of cushioning and bubbles, which in turn makes them feel like walking on air. For anyone on their feet all day Hotter shoes would be a godsend.
Hotter shoes suede court shoes

But where most 'comfy shoes' also manage to look like something prescribed by an orthopaedic surgeon in the 1950s, Hotter shoes look every inch the party shoe, the office shoe, the sexy boot. Even the heels have the comfort aspect, and had I not got weak ankles caused by Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease  I would have snapped up the sexy zipped suede boots for myself.
Hotter shoes suede zip boot

I did try on a few of the heeled pairs as they were so, so lovely, but sadly they were not for me. The short boots I finally chose though are perfect. They look great with skirts, leggings or trousers, are soft and light, fur lined, fit like a glove (well not a glove..a sock?) and I adore them. They even fasten with velcro (and no I'm not ancient but with my neurological condition fine motor movements and grip is affected so on a cold day this is prefect, no fiddly zips, buckles or buttons) .

There are so many styles to choose from, from sparkly party shoes, high boots and sensible 'trudging round the shops all day' shoes. Well worth a visit if you have a branch near you but if not they sell mail order (no longer via Woman's Realm magazine!) and they will happily ship shoes to America if you are reading this from far away and feeling the longing.
Hotter shoes Party shoes

I am extremely happy with my Hotter shoes, I was given a pair for the purpose of review but the views expressed here are all my own. My husband has already forbidden me to keep raving about them, I'm trying to get him to come and try on some of the men's range, I'm sure he'd agree with me about how fab they are!
Hotter shoes boot selection
Hotter shoes suede court shoe

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