I've never seen Star Wars

I have of course, seen Star Wars, many times in fact, but I thought I'd borrow the title of the radio show to tell you a few things it might surprise you that I've never done. Maybe you will convince me I should have tried them, maybe you will tell me I've had a lucky escape.

I've never been to Ikea. I'm well aware that Ikea exists and I have once or twice bought things online, but I've never been to a store. I've never really seen the point if I'm honest. I've read they are mazes. They will be full of furniture, which I really don't need, and they have a cafe, but so does Waitrose. My nearest Ikea is 50 miles away and it seems like a bit of a pilgrimage. Not to mention the whole driving almost into London thing. So, I've never set foot in an Ikea store.

I've never watched Titanic the movie. I know all about it, I can quote bits, but I've never watched it. It didn't appeal when it was released and doesn't now. Sentimental sap wrapped around a disaster. No thanks. I'll take to Poseidon Adventure anyway. 

I've never stood on Lego. I am sure it's painful, I joke about it along with everyone else, and I have stood on an upturned electric plug. Having Charcot-Marie-Tooth means my nerves don't work so the pain is very delayed, I'm not sure if my experience of pain differs to the 'norm' too so maybe I can never really know what it would be like to step on Lego. The reason I have never stepped on Lego is that DD never had any when she was very little and by the time she did get some at about age 9 she was tidy enough to always clear up. So Lego. I've never known the pain.

I have never gone out for breakfast. Do check this post for further information!

If, as on the show, I had to do any of these things, would I? Hmmm tricky, I might be tempted to go out for breakfast I suppose, but Ikea? Lego? Titanic?  No, I think I'll give them a miss thanks!

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