Animal attacks, safari parks and safety.

I once wrote a post about animal attacks on humans and I think it may be time to do another. This time though I'm going to specialise on safety. I think we must have all seen the tragic news that a woman was killed in a South African lion safari park, after being mauled by a lion. Reports vary (as news in the media tends to) about how badly her companion was hurt, although he seems to have survived; but all the reports agree that they had the car window open. There were numerous witnesses to this horrible event and after seeing a video of a similar safari trip on Youtube I imagine the scenario to be similar.

(I can't help but notice that there appear to be children leaning out of the window, presumably the parents think that's just fine)

I have visited safari parks in the UK, most specifically Longleat and have taken DD there several times. One of the things they tell you is to keep all car windows closed. The first time I read that, and then subsequently seeing it on numerous signs in the lion (and tiger) enclosures I remember thinking 'really? you have to tell me to keep my windows shut?' and I genuinely couldn't imagine anyone not shutting a car window near a huge carnivorous feline. But youtube and several news stories have made me realise some people need telling. Luckily Longleat also remind you not to get out of the car, or maybe people would picnic in the enclosure.

Another warning about the lion and tiger enclosures was to lock all the doors as you drove through. Lock the doors? I assumed that they worried about small kids in the back opening the doors as we stopped to look at the cubs or something, but I always locked the doors anyway - after all it's not a big task, you push a button, and job done. It seems that I was wise in this respect too. Judging by more youtube footage.

So here's today's wild animal news. Large meat eating animals eat meat. We are made of meat. Keep your windows closed, windows are made of glass, you can see through them, that's their job. If a lion smells you all tasty and nervous inside a car it may investigate...you cannot roll up a window faster than a lion can get to your car and be in through it (lions can leap distances of 15 ft did you know that?) And even if a lion only gets a paw in through a gap in the window it can then easily shatter the window.

Enjoy your safari trips. Stay safe.

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