A day out at Marwell Zoo

Marwell zoo is quite close to us, just under a 2 hour drive anyway, which in America would be about 140 miles but here in the UK is closer to 50 miles.

So we go a few times a year, we've thought about an annual pass but it's not quite a saving yet. At under £50 for the three of us for a day it's not a cheap day out but not totally crazy either, and the quality of the day's fun is high! And so many animals.

We hadn't visited so early in the year before, usually waiting for a hot day in August but in May on a sunny day it was lovely. Cooler so more animals were out and about and also slightly less crowded.

map Marwell Zoo
I was most excited to see the fossa, my favourite animal of all time, it's like some weird mad scientist crossed a dog, a cat and monkey; all slinky muscles and evil teeth. So I was thrilled to read they have a new male there and hope to breed them soon, a baby fossa! I simply cannot wait.

Husband is more a fan of the warthogs and rhinos, and his absolute favourites have always been the capybara, although after this visit he says that maybe his allegiance has changed to the coati , who are great fun to watch, hunting insects in the grass and bushes, pouncing into the clover and snapping at the flies, and they are great climbers too.

Darling Daughter is a fan on giraffes, and meerkets. But her total favourite is the tapir, for the whiffling noses and the cuteness of their babies - we did see the tapir but sadly didn't get any photos of them...they were whiffling though.

So here is a selection of photos from our day.

penguin swimming Marwell Zoo
mini train Marwell Zoo
giraffe Marwell Zoo
meerkat Marwell Zoo
black tipped stilt Marwell Zoo
ibis in a tree Marwell Zoo
coati hunting Marwell Zoo
Coati (pronounced Ko-ah-tee)
gibbon marwell zoo
fossa madagascars top predator Marwell Zoo

Fossa madagascars top predator Marwell Zoo

Fossa madagascars top predator Marwell Zoo
Fossa (definitely male)

Fossa madagascars top predator Marwell Zoo
Fossa, (yes I took a lot of pictures of him)

mini crocodile Marwell Zoo
Mini crocodile
So we had a great day out and I'd really recommend it for a family trip, there are lots of animals to see, a climbing and play area for the kids, and a good cafe (we had a burger each from the Barbecue and they were delicious) We like it as the animals seem happy and have interesting and appropriately sized enclosures, I love seeing the giraffes gallop about!

Find out more at the website https://www.marwell.org.uk/zoo/ where you can also buy your tickets to jump the entrance queues!

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