Second breakfast

I've never been out for breakfast.

 This morning I saw a photo on my twitter timeline of a family in a car, happily smiling on the start of a journey, the caption was along the lines of 'off for breakfast'. It made me comment that I've never been out for breakfast.

Replies can thick and fast. I was weird, everyone eats breakfast out, what's not to like there's no cooking, a fry up is great, what not even as a student? Etc etc

And no, I've never been out for breakfast. I have been out for brunch, I have eaten a huge fry up, a full English if you will, for lunch and even for dinner, but I've never been out for breakfast.

I've been out for SECOND breakfast, hobbit style. I've woken, showered, got dressed, grabbed a slice of hotly buttered toast and a mug of strong, sweet, hot tea, and then when that's finished, gone out for breakfast.

But wake from sleep...after EIGHT HOURS of no food, get dressed, walk past a full larder but choose to go out STILL HUNGRY. Nope never done that. 

Even when DD and I went to america on the driving holiday of a lifetime, when we stayed in cheap motels that had no cafe attached, we took muffins back to the room so we could have them with coffee and hot chocolate before going in search of IHOP and bacon pancakes.

I was delighted to find after the torrent of tweets telling me I was odd a few people confessed the same, a snack was required upon waking to "break the fast" of the last 8 hours. A full English at a local establishment could be considered only after that, and this was no longer officially "breakfast". I am relieved not to be alone.

So all you breakfast travellers. You are weird. Yes, yes you are.

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