News Round up - this week - Women in the News

I love to surf the web reading odd news from around the world each morning before I get up - so I thought I'd gather some of the best (may not be the correct description) news stories in a blog post to spare you the hunting. To keep it somewhat organised I've decided to go with a theme, so here are my favourite (again may be an inaccurate description) news stories from around the web. Not all are nice, not all are happy, not all are funny, but they are all about women. Enjoy (or at least - read)

Let's begin with a particularly horrible tale of a missing actress. Her family worry she has been kidnapped and maybe forced into the sex trade, but then residents in her apartment block notice the water in the taps starts to taste bad...

Police said the body of aspiring actress Carmen Yarira Noriega Esparza, 27, was found in the tank by council workers responding to reports of foul tasting water.
 Moving right along to a horrific account of a beheading of a woman in Saudi. Found guilty of the abuse and murder of a child a woman is publicly executed. Don't click if you are easily upset, contains graphic description.

There are two ways to behead people according to Mohammed al-Saeedi, a human rights activist: “One way is to inject the prisoner with painkillers to numb the pain and the other is without the painkiller,
 Meanwhile in Philadelphia a woman is killed while taking a photo,from the ledge of an eigth floor window, as you do
  OK enough with the unpleasant, the tragic and the sad, next on news round up a more light hearted affair, a woman sues a tights manufacturer over her lack of pantyhose inspired orgasms.

Wang’s suit argues that the company didn’t follow through on its ‘tension relief and massage claims’ and says the ads used misleading language.
 In BBC News the Lords say there are just not enough women in current affairs programs. Maybe they should give me a call...
  Lord Best said: "Although on the surface it appears that women are well represented, the facts tell a different story.
  The telegraph wants to know if white wine makes women 'loopy' (spoiler - The evidence for the "crazy white wine effect" is entirely anecdotal.)
  women interviewed variously blame white wine (but only white wine, not any other sort of alcohol) for sending them into such a crazy rage that they smash furniture and break windows
And on both web and TV a campaign has both lovers and haters. How do women really feel about exercise? Do you exercise? does being fat and jiggly and sweaty impact on what you choose to do? or where you choose to do it? I have to confess that the slow girl on the bike muttering 'I'm lapping everyone on the couch' did make me think that I could do maybe just a bit of exercise...
 a national campaign developed by Sport England—is inspiring women to feel confident and get active, whatever their size, shape, age, or fitness level.

  And last but not least an opinion piece in the Guardian about boobs. Should we stop policing breasts? Who is complaining about them (I have a hint it's more likely to be women than men) and if women are right to bare breasts should we complain if men look at them?
So, to recap, breasts imagined through a man’s eyes and painted by his brush are high art, but women choosing to use these parts of their own bodies to feed their children is potentially offensive

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