JamAudio Bluetooth headphones - Review

The very same day that I griped on twitter about too many baby items and nothing for teens to review on blogs and I was offered a free pair of bluetooth headphones to review by JamAudio!

JamAudio bluetooth headphones black
So I obviously leapt at the chance. I confess that we have never really bothered to get decent headphones while DD was growing up - too worried about her breaking them! But now that she is 15 I felt she could do with something a little better to listen to her music on. We have also tended towards 'ordinary' headphones with cable.

It was with some excitement that DD opened the rather nicely packaged Jam Transit Wireless stereo headphones. They were incredibly easy to set up and sync with her phone too, in fact by the time I had binned the outer wrapping and turned around, as they arrived pre-charged (great idea!)  I was faced with this

So score 10/10 for packaging, and 10/10 for ease of set up. The headphones allow you to skip tracks, pause and alter volume all via the headphones too! So you can leave your phone in your bag and still listen to what you want when you want. DD was impressed that there is a microphone on the headphones so she could take a call all while her phone was on a table a few feet away. 10/10 for usability.

The bluetooth range is great and the quality of the sound is excellent. The noise leakage seems minimal too - I had to lean in close to be annoyed by her taste in music, and she assures me that when listening via the headphones she can't hear me talking...certainly she couldn't hear me tell her to tidy her room! She has used the headphones in the car while I was driving too - when I wanted to catch up with the Archers - and confirmed that the music still sounded clear even over the car and radio noise, there was no interference. 10/10 for sound.
Collage of Jam Audio bluetooth headphones

The headphones are slick looking, have a solid reusable case and charge easily via a USB cable. With a rather awesome battery life of 11 hours! So you could probably run a marathon in them (I'm not suggesting they will give you super power, you'd have to train and stuff, but they'd supply the music while you did it!)  If you are looking for quality headphones at a good price I would recommend these. They would make a good Christmas present for any age but nice to be able to let your teen listen to their music without having to share the experience. Of course you can link to other devices, anything with bluetooth really. So they are really handy.

All the technical info about the headphones can be found on the JamAudio website - where they also have other headphone ranges. They retail at £59.99 and they have another bluetooth headphone at £29.99 Jam Fusion  Both sets of headphones are available in various colours.

I was sent the headphones for free but all thoughts and the words in this post are my own (and sometimes DD's)

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