A Bumper pile of advent gifts - a calendar alternative

DD always has an advent calendar and in the way the modern world caves in to avarice and greed at this special time of year she expects it to be filled with chocolate or gifts.

We have traditional cardboard calendars too, with pictures of trumpets and bells behind cardboard windows,  but the little treats on the run up to Christmas seem to have become an actual 'thing' in most houses, and so in ours.

For a while she was content with a gorgeous Divine Chocolate Advent calendar, fair trade, featuring the Christmas story, I love them! (and yes I caved in and bought one this year)

And then we had a house style advent calendar with little drawers that I fill. But getting tiny gifts is tricky so it's often filled with a sweet or a 50p piece, not as exciting as I had planned.

On Pinterest the pins are of elaborate crafts, muffin pans changed to advent calendars, toilet roll tubes cunningly converted, hanging shoe storage that has become a Christmas countdown and I sort of wanted to do something like that.

DD is 14 now, will be 15 by Christmas, I can no longer get away with wind up hopping rabbits and wax crayons as gifts. So I was having a think when I had ... an idea.

This year I will buy 24 little gifts. Note books, pens, pencils, erasers, makeup, books, CDs, underwear..whatever and I shall wrap each one in plain brown paper and string. I will number each gift and pop them all  into a lucky dip style bag so she can rummage around and find each day's gift.

I know. I spoil her.

And as it's November already I need to get cracking! Suggestions for cheap and cheerful gifts appreciated! I feel a trip to the 99p Store coming on! And I have no shame in hunting charity shops for gifts either! Especially books.

What will you be doing in the run up to Christmas? Anything? Nothing? A dare a day?

Let me know!

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