Last night's dinner - Recipe

Last night was the last night of September. I had been eating and cooking (and tweeting and blogging about) some organic foods, thanks to Waitrose and their Organic Month ideas.

They have recipes on their website if you need inspiration but last night I decided to do my usual cooking method of 'just cook it - only wimps need recipes' and it was surprisingly tasty.

I use pasta a lot so this was a fairly normal recipe for me.

Here is what I did

Waitrose Organic Fusilli
Waitrose Organic Passata
Onions (cut roughly into chunks)
Courgette (sliced)
Bacon (streaky)
Organic Sunflower oil
Organic Italian Herbs
Olives (Sliced)
Organic Sweetcorn
Cheese (grated)
Salt and Pepper

I put the pasta on to boil and lightly fried the bacon and onion in some sunflower oil. When the bacon and onion was nearly done, I added the sliced courgette and put the lid on the frying pan until the courgette was soft.

In a third sauce pan I added the passata and the sweetcorn and sliced olives. I added the fried items once they were done, and some of the grated cheese and some herbs, salt and pepper. I stirred and heated this sauce for five or ten minutes.

When the pasta was soft I strained it - added it to the pan with the sauce and stirred everything together. I spooned the resulting mix into a casserole dish, put the rest of the cheese on top and popped it into the oven for 20 minutes to brown...just  leaving time for the washing up and a beer.


It would work just as well with tuna or quorn in place of bacon, or even just leave it out altogether.

More Pasta Recipes with Waitrose 

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