Wear shoes you can run in

Girls should be able to wear what they want when they go out and know that they will be safe.

But until they are I'll be telling DD to wear a sensible coat and sensible shoes.

You might think that I'm a terrible woman, and not a good feminist at all by suggesting such a thing. You might rage at me that dressing 'slutty' isn't an invitation to rape, that getting drunk, or falling over in high heels isn't an invite to abuse, and of course you are right.

You might suggest that by teaching DD to be 'the safe one' I'm asking the rapists and idiots on a Friday night in town to 'target the other girls' and you might have a point.

But what am I supposed to do? Going out is still a risk for women despite loads of high profile campaigns. Young men still seem to live in a world where buying you a drink entitles them to 'something' in return, or a kiss is obviously an invite to more.

Am I a terrible mum to want to protect my daughter? If I had a son I'd be telling him how to respect women, how to protect women, how 'nice guys' don't finish last at all, they end up with girlfriends and live happy lives. I'd be teaching him to stand up to his mates if they are arseholes. I'd ensure he had money for taxis and didn't drink too much too.

What can we do? Us parents? With teens? What are you doing?



Men Can Stop Rape - Where do you Stand? Campaign.

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