Camp Bestival's Bearded Beauties

Many of you know that this year the lovely folk at Get Involved invited me to be a Camp Bestival Blogger . (I say 'invited' , I think they got fed up with my whining about wanting to go, to be honest) anyway, it did mean that I could attend the festival for families that this year really lived up to its circus theme of the greatest show on earth.

Now this is a short blog post, just a teaser really before the main event. Because I'm off to another festival on Thursday so, what with work, getting the washing done and re packing, I'm a bit busy!

I thought I'd share a few photos from around the Camp Bestival site. Showing all the fun and the beards...wait...I was distracted...beards

well yes there were a few fine beards and yes maybe a few hot dads and yes maybe I took some pictures...

and maybe I'll share some with you...ready?

hot dad at a festival shirtless

fabulous full beard
This beard was so awesome I asked if I could take a picture!

good looking dad with beard and tattoos

man with beard

But that's not all I, oh no, I also ate food, danced, got tipsy and dressed up...

But more of that in my proper review, for now be content with beards.

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