Pop Tarts

Last night I ranted a tiny bit on Twitter about Pop Tarts.

No, lets be honest, I ranted a lot.

I had not tried a PopTart before, and despite my disappointment with the Nutri-Grain bar (I was once given one free at Victoria station…threw it away after the first bite revealed it was made of limp cardboard and oversweet tasteless red jam) I was, for some inexplicable reason tempted by them when I saw them in Tesco on the ‘Imported Foods’ section. I should have been warned, Kellog make Nutri-grain and PopTarts.

I say inexplicable but the fact they were S’Mores flavour and were reduced to £1 was the selling point.  I love S’Mores, even though I don’t usually have a sweet tooth, two graham crackers (or digestive biscuits if I make them here) a piece of chocolate (dark) and a toasted marshmallow all squished into a sandwich and eaten hot…mmmm

I had first had this delight cooked over an open fire in California on my first trip there, with an local schools football team, at their training camp, I know how to party!

And since then, if we are allowed open fires, we make them when camping.

But back to the PopTart. PopTarts sell themselves as a ‘good’ breakfast food. I’m not sure on what planet a breakfast with 36% sugar, added artificial sweetener, genetically modified corn and corn syrup, honey and beef gelatin is ‘good’ but whatever,,,

Last night DD and I decided to have one each for dessert as a naughty treat.

Big mistake.

Here is what I had to say about them last night. I stand by my comments. They taste of nothing but sugar, they smell awful, the 'biscuit' is like sweetened cardboard, as to the weird smeared brown plastic-y stuff on the outside...no words

This morning I binned them all. I wrote in my last post about how annoying it was to be told all food is bad, how that leads me to ignore the advice. Do not ignore this advice. Avoid PopTarts like you would avoid a sack of wild Ebola infected scabby rats.

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