Quick Food Rant

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Did you know, food is really really bad for you!

"Not all food you idiot" I hear you cry, but yes, all food, all of it, everything, living on light is the only answer (and yes people do think you can live on light see here)

Or maybe air, but not food oh no, just look at this round up of food advice.

Protein is bad for you

Fat is bad for you 

Salt is bad for you

Sugar is bad for you

Grains are bad for you

Fruit is bad for you

Fruit juice is bad for you

Smoothies are bad for you

and so on, forever about every type of food ever.

By this time I expect you are so depressed you are reaching for a bottle of wine..uh oh, guess what

Alcohol is bad for you

I'm going to go and weep quietly in a corner with a bar of dark chocolate.

(It reminded me of the fabulous Kill or Cure Website.)

 I'm planning to ignore all this 'advice' and continue with a mixed diet and a little of what I fancy, will you be changing what you or your family eat?