Britmums - See you there on Friday night?

A few of the mums that are going to Britmums live have written short blog posts of introduction. Here are a few as examples.

Britmums Live Linky

I'm only going to be at the Friday night awards ceremony (*excited BiBs finalist face*) and I shall be sober as I'm having to drive to and from the station, (*sad face*) but I shall be looking forward to meeting some of the lovely people I tweet with, and blog writers of the blogs I follow, and of course meet some new people too!

About me ; I am 48, married with one daughter the lovely dd, who is 14. I don't do glamorous, I do slightly scruffy and festival-chic. I like ball gowns in inappropriate settings, like fields and supermarkets. I may appear shy or snooty, I'm a bit snooty, but not shy once I get to know you. Do say hello.

I will be wearing a black maxi dress from "Everything five pounds" and yes, it was £5. I'll also be wearing my gorgeous tattoo necklace with my twitter user name on, which was handmade for my by the lovely Vicki at starsNscars.

I  shall look like this. (note nervous smile)

Can't wait to meet you!

Disclaimer : No one sponsored me for any of this, I shelled out hard earned cash....hence the five pound dress! I don't regret the necklace though, it's lovely. I won't be wearing the pith helmet, I bought a sparkly hairband/tiara in Accessorize instead.


  1. I cannot wait to meet you! x

  2. Great to be able to recognise you in advance from your dress. Looking forward to meeting you though can imagine it's going to be a bit mad and not enough time for proper conversations. Best of luck and see you there ! x

  3. Love this and my frock was £5 too, must get my post up. Can't wait to meet you

  4. See you there in full regalia!

  5. That dress is fabulous - bargain! Congratulations on making the finals and good luck! x

  6. I love that you wear ballgowns in inappropriate settings! You were wearing the green dress when I met you at Camp Bestival!
    Looking forward to seeing you again - now I know you are only around for the BiBs, I'll make an extra special effort to seek you out during the party!!

  7. Look forward to seeing you - that dress is such a bargain! The necklace is fab too.

  8. Great dress. Looks like it's worth more than £5! See you at Britmums! Popped over from the Britmums what I'm wearing linky x

  9. ooh you look gorgeous! Love the necklace, a lot. Can't wait to see you there!! xx


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