Because I'm a Girl

Every year, millions of girls across the world are at risk of FGM - Female Genital Mutilation. 

Also known as female genital cutting, it’s a practice dating back thousands of years, which involves the full or partial removal of a girl’s external private parts.  

It is mostly carried out on young girls, sometime between infancy and age 15, but has no medical or hygienic justification. 

It’s practised for a variety of complex cultural reasons including beliefs that it helps to preserve chastity, cleanliness and family honour, and that it prepares a girl for marriage.  

FGM is a global issue - in the UK, 20,000 girls are at risk this year. As part of Plan UK's Because I’m a Girl campaign they are calling for FGM to be eradicated.

I'm just going to wait while you reread that; especially " involves the full or partial removal of a girl’s external private parts."

Full. The full removal of a girl's external private parts. 

Plan UK is looking to eradicate this practice in a generation. You can help.

Watch this 38 second video. Share it. Don't keep quiet. Join the campaign

Plan's stance on FGM

"Plan believes FGM is a form of violence against women and girls and an abuse of human rights. FGM directly relates to traditions of unequal power between women and men, and is socially acceptable in communities where it is used to enforce discrimination and ensure the compliance of women and girls.

Our plan is to change that by supporting community leaders and governments in creating societies where inequality is eradicated and the human rights of women and girls are respected and celebrated."

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