You could have knocked me down with a feather...

This morning I checked twitter, like I do, are the roads clear for work? How are the Euro Elections and local elections doing? Did anyone famous offend anyone not famous by saying something thoughtless but not actually offensive and now twitter have hashtagged it and got the pitchforks out...you know the sort of thing.

But what I saw was a tweet saying

and my response was ...ahem, not pleased

Because whilst I was swept up in the joy of the Brilliance in Blogging awards when they were first announced, and while I was thrilled to be in the shortlist (seriously proper thrilled, because I hadn't begged and I hadn't nominated myself!) I had genuinely managed to forget (even though reminded on Thursday!) that the finalists would be announced on Friday.

I had chatted to DagwhoBlogs about why I wasn't looking forward to finding out the finalists

and we'd had a little friendly natter about how nice it was to be shortlisted.

And THEN the finalists were announced. So of course I went to look...to let the cat out of the box, or to find it dead.

Oddly I scrolled quite slowly, I really didn't want to know...but then, suddenly, there was my blog, this blog, this actual blog that you are reading! In the final! and there with me was DadWhoBlogs! Who'd have thought it.

I'm so happy and so excited and ...well...speechless (obviously not)

Thank you so much if you voted for me. Thank you too if you voted at all. The BiBs seem such a great way to find new blogs, to make new friends and to give bloggers something to aspire to. It's rather lovely to be appreciated by your peers. (and a few random weirdos on Twitter)  Thank you all and please check out all of the simply super finalists at the BritMums Website. Now I'm off to add any I don't already follow, to my Bloglovin' list.

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