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If you follow me on twitter you will know I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the 'Morrison's Mums' (and dads) this week, thanks to Morrisons and Britmums.

Given vouchers to do a shop in Morrisons and then report back, DD and I set off on Saturday to see if Market Street really was as 'market-y' as Ant and Dec portray on the ad! And after all they are reducing a lot of prices now in their I'M cheaper promotion...though its not really a promotion as the prices are permanent! We were also tasked with making a few meals and sharing our recipes.

We were not disappointed, our local Morrisons opens onto the fresh fruit and veg aisle, filled with enticing looking fruits from the mundane to the exotic. DD chose some tangerines for school lunch boxes, some sweet potatoes for Sunday's roast, and we bought some strawberries and raspberries for our planned dessert.

I picked up a chicken for £4, and then we were drawn over to the delights of the fish counter. The fish looked beautiful, finally I had a reason to take a picture of a fish counter! (I do love the pretty fish) I convinced DD that we should try some rainbow trout.
She acquiesced and we bought one each, the lady at the counter was happy to gut them for us and to try to tell us it was easy! she certainly made it look easy!

We didn't need any of the lovely looking fresh bread but we did grab a sliced wholemeal loaf for 59p, bargain! I also grabbed some scones...more of them later.

Of course I bought some cava too, and picked up a bottle of sangria on a whim!

We bought quite a few regular bits and bobs, juice, olive oil, flour, eggs, and I would have stayed in budget if I hadn't stumbled onto the camping aisle and bought a new camping chair (£7)

So the recipe ..is it cheating I have three?

Trout with new potatoes and vegetables
Really simple recipe, we oiled the trout and placed sliced lemons inside to keep them moist, then wrapped them in foil and popped them in the oven for 30 minutes, meanwhile i washed some new potatoes and set them to boil. The broccoli was washed and put ready for a quick 15 minute boil later.
While this recipe isn't the cheapest the trout were delicious, really nice fish and  DD discovered she loves trout! I taught her how to remove the bones before you start to eat.
A really nice  meal.
Trout (2) - £5.40
Potatoes - 76p a bag, we ate about a quarter of the bag!
Broccoli - 49p (bargain! we didn't eat it all)

oh and DD was tempted by a berry strudel, £1.50 which we ate half between us, the other half languishes in the freezer!  so cost of ingredients £3.65 each.

On Sunday, making up for our non-existent Easter lunch we had the chicken, roasted with root veg and greens. Followed by Eton Mess (more on that here)

Roast Chicken
I roasted the chicken according to the helpful instructions on the pack, bunged the root veg in too and drank sangria while it cooked. It was all delicious!

Chicken £4, parsnips 60p, sweet potato 40p, potatoes 50p, broccoli 49p (but we only used half) carrots 20p, leek 10p and some stuffing mix we already had.

There were three of us this time (I let DH have some haha!) and there was enough left for at least one more person so this worked out at about £1.45 each (the sangria was £3.99 and I drank it all!)

Tomorrow we are trying the Scones, with some clotted cream and more strawberries!

I was given vouchers to buy the food from Morrisons but the thoughts and blog post are all my own

Posted as part of the 'MorrisonsMums promotion' check the linky on Britmums for more great recipes.


  1. That chicken for £4 looks a bargain!! And scones! I need scones! Doing my #MorrisonsMum shop tomorrow morning, I will be buying scones! x

  2. I'm trying to get more fish in my family's diet but don't think I'm going to convince them about the trout.

  3. Anonymous6/5/14

    I sent the other half to be a #MorrisonsDad

  4. So pleased you had a good experience as a Morrisons Mum and loved seeing what you cooked. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.


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