Feeling Extra Sociable

It seems that through a clerical error ... due to my skill ...because everyone loves me ... for some reason I have been shortlisted for a Blogging award with Britmums.

I have been selected in the category 'Social Media' which includes social media as an adjunct to blogging. Y'know, Twitter, Pinterest and that. I think I talk too much.

Hilariously the category is sponsored by Pinterest. And those that follow me there will be aware that my Pinterest is ...a little odd shall we say.

Anyway, if you like this blog, or love my weird Pins, or like a natter on twitter do consider voting for me. I'd love to add 'Award Winning' to the front of 'Blogger' when I brag about what I get up to in the evenings.

Oh and pop over and check out my Pinterest Boards *nudge nudge*

There are some great blogs shortlisted, and as long as they are not in my category *wink* feel free to vote for lots of them!


  1. Good luck! And I'll go and check out your random Pinterest boards too. If you make it to the finals please wear black lipstick!

  2. Haha thanks, good luck on the Pinterest boards!


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