I don't know if I mentioned this but I just returned from a road trip with DD, in a Mustang convertible, along the Pacific Coast Highway in California.

Here are some photos you may have missed, and a few links to posts you may have missed too.

lemon crisps
New favourite crisp flavour

Sea lions at pier 39, San Francisco
Sea lions at pier 39, San Francisco

Elephant seals
Elephant seals

My Little Pony - McDonalds
My Little Pony - McDonalds....it was late, I'm lazy at finding restaurants

Venice Beach
Venice Beach where I was chatted up a lot, thus proving the case for marijuana

Two Headed Turtle at the Freak Show
Two Headed Turtle at the Freak Show

freak show sign
Venice Beach - a freak show, Wolf Boy Larry Gome
Also on Venice Beach - a freak show, Wolf Boy Larry Gomez, nice guy, hairy

venice beach
I haven't kidnapped a baby, she's the granddaughter of my Californian buddy

mustang beach selfie
Californian Buddy doing selfies in the convertible with DD - I'm busy being sensible and driving

motel pool
Swimming at the motel pool

fish Lunch at Neptune's Net
Lunch at Neptune's Net

ihop pancakes
Breakfast at iHop

driving the mustang


 And we are home. And it's raining. Already saving for our next trip.

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