We're gonna need a bigger boat...

So we went whale watching. Up at 5.30am for an early start, 8am at the dock. We took M who has lived here 27 years and never been because she was scared it would be horrible. I have been whale watching before, out of Boston, so I knew what to expect.

The morning was cool but clear and we set off on an 85foot boat. (Many shark jokes were made) The harbour was calm as a mill pond of course, but even past the harbour wall there was hardly any movement on the sea. We had all taken seasickness pills just in case anyway. So when we smelled Chef Paul start to cook bacon .. BACON. ,... We were straight into the galley! I had a BLT with Mayo and it was delicious, I washed it down with a cup of coffee (no lid on the cup, and I wandered the deck with no spills!) M had bacon and fried potato and a Bloody Mary! We watched the pelicans, and the sun sparkling on the water, it was beautiful.

Then we were joined by pods of common dolphins. They are so lovely with their attractive markings and the way they leap and play. They swam with the boat, sometimes leaping right out of the water, playing in the bow wave just because it was fun. No wonder fishermen imagine dolphins are the souls of dead seamen, it would be a fine place for your soul to reside.


We didn't see any whales on our three hour trip. (In news that cheered DD we didn't see any sharks either) But the bacon and the dolphins ensured it was a relaxing and fun trip. M was pleased she came, she thinks she might even do it again, earlier next year, and take her sister.

We came back and went for lunch at Taco Bell, then we chilled, lazed about Ms house, watched TV and later went out for pizza. Early night as we were tired from our early start.

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