The Happiest Place on Earth

After a day chilling, shopping and lazing about, we finished the day with a delicious dinner at Denny's, surprised me as much as you, I had the pot roast and it was delicious.

Then we went to bed early to prepare for a day at Disneyland.

We set off late-ish to miss the traffic around LA and arrived in time for an early lunch...brunch? So we popped into the Rainforest Cafe and had another lovely meal. M and I both had a chicken sandwich and DD had a burger, I sneaked in a Cheeta-Rita (margarita) as I wouldn't be driving for many many hours..hours of fun!

The park was busy of course but I had a disabled 'return later' pass (due to my Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease) so we didn't have to actually wait in the line, we could save the spot and return later. We started with Space Mountain and Ms screams and the look on her face in the ride photo were hilarious. We rode lots of fun rides, saw parades, looked around, I was genuinely happy...

Seeing so many happy little kids, girls and boys dressed as their favourite characters, princesses, pirates and a couple of big bearded guys with their My Little Pony themed clothing and toys....

I bought some Maleficent styled Mouse Ears and later bought a Minnie Mouse hoodie with ears...I think they put something in the water that makes you want to dress up...oh no, that's just me!

We took lots of pictures but they are all on my camera so I'll upload some later. We even went on the Small World ride again and I took a bit of video.

We ate pasta for dinner in the park, then went on Space Mountain again, did a bit more shopping and then left at about 11pm for a two hour drive on the freeway to the hotel. Finally in bed at about 1.15am. A long happy day.

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