The adventure begins

Well. It's zero minus 24 hours. Soon DD and I will be jetting off to California, economy class don't get too excited, and starting the driving and the fun.

I'm still nervous of disaster but DD is being amazingly calm and we have discussed that if things go wrong we will laugh and call it a "tale to tell".

I've done all the stuff I need to do except the online check in, can't do that until another few hours have passed apparently. Disney tickets have been bought and printed out though.

Blogger Bear (via @bigfashionista's blog) arrived at lunchtime. I had almost forgotten about him! DD was very excited to get him to try on some new clothes and have is photo taken for his passport. There is currently a Bear Passport Office in operation in her bedroom, scissors, glue and appear all over the place. BB seems happy but bemused. I hope he likes the trip and isn't airsick.

I've recorded a CD for the car. It's not great but better than nothing. LMFAO feature, as do the Monkees, and Katy Perry, there might be an Eagles track...

Poor Mr TM, who is not coming as he doesn't like that sort of thing, has managed to get a cold! So now he can't even drive us to the airport. He will lay at home snivelling and coughing while we get a taxi.

More news as it happens.

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