Scream if you want to go faster...

After a trip to Walmart (something DD has been dreaming of, don't ask!) where I had the exciting
experience of having my credit card declined (the bank said I shopped too much so it looked suspicious! Ha!) we went to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

We rode on loads of fun rides, and used a flash pass so we didn't have to wait at all (yes we were those people you hate that walk to the front of the line and take your spot) The flash pass also allowed us to ride twice without getting off the ride, so mostly that's what we did. 

The rapids were DDs favourite ride I think, she rode them 4 times! I only went 3 times after. A huge wave went right over my head and soaked me to my underwear! So glad it was hot and we could dry off fast in the sun!

rapids theme park ride California six flags

wet feet after a water ride at a theme park

We also rode Goliath, a 255ft high drop with speeds of 85mph. Excellent fun. We tried the Ninja too, a suspended coaster that is really smooth, DD liked that enough to ride it 3 times.

roller coaster at six flags california

roller coaster six flags

The Apocolypse was a rickety fast ride past burning cars (so close you felt the heat from the flames) and great fun, though the Tidal Wave wasn't as scary as we thought it would be.

theme park water ride six flags california

As we both love roller coasters we had a fun day trying them all out. A nice snack lunch in the park of chicken and fries, a souvenir cup full of raspberry tea (which DD was surprised to find she liked) and then after a day full of brain rattling amusement I drove to Camarillo, to our next motel and to meet up with my online friend M.

She popped round to the motel and we lay on the beds chatting and laughing and eating candy until late. DD was asleep almost before M said goodbye.

Saturdays plans include the beach....Venice Beach, and the freak show...

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