Christmas Shopping, joy to the world? or hell on earth?

I did most of my Christmas shopping online this year.

Previous experiences of having no clue what to buy and wandering shops for ideas or, worse, having in mind the perfect gift but not being able to find it, even after traipsing through shop after shop, braving the 'over door heater' that cooks you on entry, had put me off.

Online I could browse in comfort, search pinterest, facebook and twitter for clues dropped by friends and relatives, search for ideas suggested by others and natter to online mates as I did so. Oh and I could get drunk as I did so, as there was no driving...

Of course even the joys of online have issues. An Amazon order cheerfully tracked with Yodel vanished from the face of the earth,a helpful Yodel employee told me via twitter that the trail went cold at a depot in Wales (the wrong depot) and that I needed to reorder. Luckily Amazon leapt into the fray with free next day delivery but it was a stressful 76 hours before that!

And also I seemed to often forget I'd ordered things! (this could be related to the drinking while ordering to be fair) And subsequently over bought for a few people (my loss is your gain friends!) but luckily I found an app (android) to track what I was buying, cost etc, so good I'm planning on using it all year so I can be ahead of the game by buying through the year for Christmas 2014)

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But there was the odd thing I had to pop out to buy, and some of that shopping was fun. I went to a lovely delicatessen in Arundel, sampled cheese, had cheery chats with the staff, laughed with other customers and spent a fair bit of money on tasty luxuries as gifts for friends and family. (of course I did not buy myself a jar of delicious but expensive marinated figs*).

But other forays into the world of meatspace shopping was not so much fun.

Today I braved the 'self service checkout' ...so

 'unexpected item in the bagging area'

ok, i removed the item...

'you have removed an item form the bagging area, please replace item' demands the strict robotic checkout voice...

ok I replace the item

 'unexpected item in bagging area'

 I turn...I look around for Dom Joly,

 I remove the item..temporary silence, I can almost hear my robot tormentor thinking about it before I scan the next item and she suddenly wails again 'please wait for assistance' well thank you robot lady, I obviously need it, I'm incapable of scanning a shirt and placing it on a metal shelf...

So my Christmas shopping is done. My presents are wrapped and under the tree, all is peaceful, bright and joyous in the house of TM.

how are you doing? All set? Pulling your hair out? waiting on a delivery?

*yes yes I did buy the figs but they are amazing!!

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